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Places To Visit in Ravangla

How To Reach in Ravangla

Places To Visit in Ravangla

As you tread the winding streets adorned with snow-capped greenery, the mountains grow more significant and majestic. Situated at 7000 feet, Ravangla is a charming hill station where even the clouds appear within touching distance. Nestled in South Sikkim, this humble town is a dream destination for enthusiastic travellers seeking a blissful holiday. Adorned with panoramic landscapes, Ravangla is enveloped by vast natural beauty and is a must-visit spot in Sikkim. Surrender to the allure of this place, which will leave you spellbound. Explore its enchanting areas and the captivating array of tourist attractions and sightseeing spots. The wonders of its quaint settlements, fascinating tea gardens, ancient monasteries, and gushing waterfalls will leave you astonished.

Places To Visit in Ravangla

Places to Visit

Buddha Park:

Nestled peacefully in a quaint tourist town in southern Sikkim, Buddha Park is an absolute 'must-visit' destination for all. This renowned attraction is a significant landmark for the Buddhist community, as it was built to commemorate the 2550th birth anniversary of Lord Gautama Buddha in 2006. Ravangla was chosen to erect the 130-foot high statue, surrounded by lush eco plants, promoting pilgrimage tourism in Sikkim. Buddha Park is often filled with domestic and international visitors marvelling at the grand dedication and its surrounding beauty.

Bon Monastery:

Amidst a serene and composite environment, Bon Monastery or Bon Yung Dung Monastery is situated in Kewzing, offering a beautiful view of the hills and valleys of southern Sikkim. It is a picturesque destination and one of the most renowned monasteries in Sikkim.

Ralang Monastery:

Ralang Monastery stands unparalleled among other monasteries in Sikkim—a must-visit attraction for every traveller wishing to explore the beauty of Ravangla. The monastery's symmetry and allure warmly welcome visitors. Ralang Monastery boasts an extensive collection of paintings and thangkas that reflect the richness of Buddhist art.

Temi Tea Gardens:

Established in 1969 by the Government of Sikkim, Temi tea gardens flourish along the steep slopes of the hills emerging from the Tendong Hills, ranging from 1200 to 1800 meters. The path to the processing plant, en route to Tendong Hill, is lined with neatly trimmed cherry blossom trees amidst lush fields and grazing grasses.


Borong is a charming town in southern Sikkim, offering an ideal escape from the city humdrum. Brimming with charm and natural beauty, this place is one of the best destinations to spend quality time amidst nature. Its soothing climate and ambience attract numerous nature lovers from across the globe. From Borong town, you can see the snow-covered Mount Kanchenjunga, Narsing, and Pandim.

Ravangla beckons with serenity and breathtaking landscapes, providing a perfect retreat for travellers seeking solace amidst nature's bounty. Embrace the tranquillity and revel in the beauty of the pristine surroundings, creating memories that will stay with you forever.

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