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Places To Visit in Gangtok

How To Reach in Gangtok

Places To Visit in Gangtok

Gangtok, a city brimming with awe-inspiring natural wonders, is a true paradise for nature enthusiasts. Nestled amid the Himalayas in North East India, this lost kingdom of Gangtok offers an abundance of sights and experiences that will leave you yearning for more than just a day or two. The vivid and rich culture infused into every corner here will help you find that 'inner peace' you seek. So, embark on a journey through this untapped kingdom, and let the beauty of Gangtok unveil before you, leaving you with treasured memories to cherish.

Places To Visit in Gangtok

Places to Visit

Kanchenjunga Mountain: :

Behold the majestic Kanchenjunga Mountain, the third-highest peak in the world. Gangtok offers breathtaking views of this snow-clad giant from various vantage points. You can partake in treks to the base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga or explore the Kanchenjunga National Park. Spending a night in the foothills of this majestic peak is an experience.

Phodong Monastery: :

A must-visit place in Gangtok is the Phodong Monastery, an architectural marvel built in the 18th century. Monks' intricate paintings, sculptures, and rituals fill the air with serenity. The monastery's location offers captivating views of the surrounding landscapes, providing an ideal spot for relaxation. Take advantage of the annual Cham dance, a celebrated event at this monastery.


Located 65 kilometres from Gangtok, Magnan is a charming residential community offering various adventure activities to make your stay worthwhile. Magnan has everything from admiring the panoramic mountains to engaging in thrilling sports or embracing profound tranquillity. Enjoy paragliding, mountain biking, and visit the monasteries that add to the allure of this quaint town.

Ganesh Tok:

A celebrated tourist destination in Gangtok, Ganesh Tok is renowned for its picturesque architecture. Situated near the Tashi View Point and Bakthang Falls, this temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh offers stunning views of nature's beauty. Spend time at the gallery near the temple to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing scenery.

Ban Jhakri Falls: :

For a delightful sightseeing and picnic experience in Gangtok, head to Ban Jhakri Falls. Situated within the popular Energy Park, the 100-foot waterfall is a sight to behold. Embrace the serenity of nature as the water gushes onto the rocks, creating a peaceful ambiance. The falls hold sacred significance for the locals, believed to possess the power to ward off evil spirits. While in the park, take advantage of a visit to the artificial lake, a favourite spot among the locals.

With its captivating beauty and offerings, Gangtok beckons travellers to explore its untouched splendour. Let the enchanting landscapes and cultural heritage leave an indelible mark on your heart, making your trip to Gangtok unforgettable.

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