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Zuluk, or Dzuluk, nestled at an enchanting altitude of 9500 ft., is a true haven of tranquillity and a paradise on Earth. This charming hamlet lies near the Indo-China border in the eastern part of Sikkim. Home to around 700 residents, most of whom have migrated from Nepal, Zuluk offers a flawless land where nature's wonders come to life. The breathtaking view of majestic Mt. Kanchendzonga is one of the main attractions, captivating the hearts of all who visit. However, the allure of Zuluk doesn't end there—the thrilling journey on the zig-zag roads, with around 30 hairpin bends leading to the Thambi viewpoint, adds to the excitement. The freezing temperatures of Zuluk provide an unforgettable experience, making the journey an adventure.

In the earlier decades, Zuluk played a crucial role as the trade route between India and Tibet, known as the Old Silk Route. The historical significance of this trade path adds a touch of heritage to the area.


Sightseeing Places in and Around Zuluk:

Zuluk Loop: The stunning road to Zuluk is adorned with around 30 picturesque hairpin bends leading to the village. This well-constructed road is a marvel of human engineering and offers a truly scenic journey.

Ganek: Located near Zuluk in the old silk route circuit, Ganek offers a unique experience. Witnessing the sunrise against the backdrop of snow-clad Kanchendzonga is a sight that will leave you in awe.

Thambi ViewPoint: Standing tall at 10500 ft., Thambi ViewPoint offers an incomparable panoramic view of Zuluk. The majestic Mt. Kanchendzonga is also prominently visible from this viewpoint.

Lungthung: Also known as Dhupidhara, Lungthung stands at 12500 ft. It is a haven for bird enthusiasts, with the chance to sight the famous Monal, the national bird of Nepal.

Menmecho Lake: Situated at 12500 ft., Menmecho Lake is just 20 km from Changu Lake. The lake is renowned for its abundance of Trout fish and adds to the region's natural beauty.

Zuluk's beauty, historical significance, and captivating attractions make it a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable experience amidst nature's splendour.

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