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Kupup Lake

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Kupup town offers breathtaking vistas of the renowned Elephant Lake, named for its elephant-like shape. As one of the highest towns in the region, Kupup holds historical significance as a prominent trade point along the ancient Silk Route between India and Tibet. If you're journeying through the Old Silk Route to Dzuluk and Jelep La Pass, Kupup is a must-visit destination. It precedes the famous Baba Mandir, another well-known tourist spot in Sikkim. Words hardly do justice to the charm of Kupup; it transcends mere beauty and presents a paradise in itself. With its proximity to the Indo-China border, nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers enjoy exploring this thrilling destination. When planning an Old Silk Route tour, include a stop at this nature-loaded haven.

Yak Golf Course:

Sitting at an astounding 13,025 feet above sea level, the Yak Golf Course has been honoured as the World's highest Golf Course by the Guinness Book of World Records. Established in 1972, it underwent its first makeover in 1979 under Brigadier J M Singh. However, the course was completed as a full 18-hole Golf Course by Brigadier Ranbir Singh and Col. T K Murali. Affiliated with the Indian Golf Union (IGU) since 1985, the Yak Golf Course spans 6,025 yards and boasts fairways crossing natural mountain streams and lakes, creating a unique golfing experience.

Jelep La:

Jelep La, a high-altitude mountain pass at 13,999 feet, connects Lhasa to India, lying between India and Tibet in the eastern part of Sikkim. The name "Jelep La" is of Tibetan origin, signifying "the beautiful mountain pass." Its breathtaking views and popularity as a tourist destination make it one of the most beautiful passes in Sikkim.

Menmecho Lake:

Situated in East Sikkim, India, Menmecho Lake is a mountain lake on the way to Jelepla Pass, 20 kilometres ahead of Lake Tsomgo. It serves as the source of the Rangpo chu River, a tributary of the Teesta River, with its waters fed by melting snow in summer and rainwater during the monsoon season.

Baba Mandir:

Baba Mandir holds a revered place among Sikkim's tourist attractions. This temple is dedicated to "Baba" Harbhajan Singh, an Indian Army soldier who passed away near the Nathula Pass in eastern Sikkim, India. Two shrines have been built to honour Baba Harbhajan Singh: the old one stands at the site of his bunker during his service in the Indian Army, while the new temple is located near Changu Lake.

Explore these awe-inspiring destinations and immerse yourself in the rich beauty and spirituality they offer on your Sikkim journey.

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