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Aritar is a place of serene beauty that beckons travelers seeking tranquillity amidst nature's bounty. The small hamlet, with its breathtaking natural sceneries, glowing water bodies, and rich culture, assists travelers in taking a break from their mundane life.  

Places to Visit in Aritar

Lampokhari Lake:

Lampokhari Lake is Aritar’s major attraction. The beauty of the pristine water body is complimented by lush greenery and rolling hills. The lake offers a mesmerizing sight of the towering peaks of the Kanchenjunga Range. Take a walk beside the lake and enjoy the serene beauty or opt for boating to take a closer look at the nearby fauna. 

Mankhim Hill and Monastery:

Mankhim Hill is the best place to witness Aritar’s panoramic views. Established at an altitude of 6,500 feet, this hilltop offers an explicit 360-degree vista of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and Lampokhari Lake. One can even witness the sunset and sunrise from this vantage point and enjoy the colourful sky basked in full glory. 

Aritar Gumpa:

Aritar Gumpa is a famous Buddhist monastery that showcases the region's culture and religious sentiments. The monastery provides a calm ambiance for travelers to meditate and introspect their souls. The vibrant murals, intricate woodwork, and crafted statues of Buddhist deities complete the aesthetics of this place.


In final thoughts, Aritar is a lovely place to hang around with family and friends in lush green terrain. For years, this place has been the carrier of Sikkimese culture and tradition, and traveling is a once-in-a-while experience to cherish.

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