The Complete Guide to Visiting Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple in Sikkim in 2024

The Complete Guide to Visiting Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple in Sikkim in 2024

Have you ever heard the mysterious story of Baba Mandir Sikkim?

Yes, there is a story regarding this temple with some supernatural touch.

Are you interested in exploring it deeply?

Ok, I’ll take you to the Baba Mandir Sikkim with this blog and reveal everything from scratch so that you’ll get a deep insight into this place.

Located in Sikkim, the Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple, commonly known as Baba Mandir is not for its ancient deities but for honoring a modern-day hero.

Born on August 30, 1946, in Sadrana village (now in Pakistan), Harbhajan Singh joined the Indian Army's Punjab Regiment in 1966. His life took a tragic turn in 1968 when he was martyred at the young age of 22 while on the Nathu La in eastern Sikkim.

But the story of Harbhajan Singh didn't end with his death. Rather it is the start of a new chapter.

Do you know why?

Ok. I’ll explain. According to legend, he began appearing in the dreams of his fellow soldiers, revealing enemy plans and ensuring their safety. It is also believed that his spirit still guards the Indo-China border.  This presence earned him the status of a spiritual guardian among his comrades, and his memory lives on through the Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple.

Talking about its structure, the Baba Mandir is split into two distinct sites: The Old Baba Mandir and the New Baba Mandir. The Old Baba Mandir Sikkim, located near Chhokya Chho, requires a climb of 50 stairs and marks the original shrine built near Harbhajan Singh's post.

On the other hand, the New Baba Mandir was constructed at the junction of the Kupup Gnathang road and the trail leading to Menmecho Lake, holding a large portrait of Baba surrounded by Sikh Gurus and Hindu deities with Baba's personal room, his belongings, an office and storage space filled with offerings from devotees.

In addition to this, there are other interesting beliefs regarding the healing properties of water inside the Old Baba Mandir Sikkim. It is said that visitors leave the bottle of water in that temple, believing it will change into divine water with healing properties. Besides, slippers left at the temple are thought to cure gout and other foot ailments, adding to the temple's mystical characteristics.

As a result, every year on September 11th, a grand ceremony is held at Baba Mandir Sikkim to give respect to Baba Harbhajan Singh.

Overall, Visiting Old Baba Mandir Sikkim offers a deep dive into the world of the supernatural. Also, it is a place, where you may feel the bravery, dedication of the military history, legend, and spirituality in one place. However, an experienced tour & Travel agency will help you to explore this place more attractively.   

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